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Customer Testimonials

I am so thrilled that I took the Reiki classes with Meg! Not only is she one of the kindest souls you'll ever meet, her passion for sharing the benefits of Reiki makes her the perfect Reiki Master from which to start your own awakening!

I cannot put into words the profound effect my own mastery has had on my life both physically and spiritually. I have healed many of my own energy imbalances and physical discomforts. I have reached a new level of spiritual awakening that was destined to be part of my journey. In addition, I have been able to reach out to those I care about and offer them the same healing energies I am benefiting from both in person and long distance. There is little in life more rewarding than sincere gratitude of another soul who knows you can actually do something that will help them or someone they love.

Don't walk- run! Contact Meg right away and start down your own path of discovering your very own "super power"! You can do this!!!

- Christina Z. 

Meg is a loving and patient Reiki teacher and has a great passion for Practical Reiki. The sessions were fun, informative, relaxing and easy to understand. I truly looked forward to my Saturday morning classes in a comfortable and relaxed setting. I now practice Reiki self-healing daily, and can offer the healing energy to others. I love Practical Reiki! 

- Eva C.

I was immediately at ease with this presenter and with the teaching techniques used in Practical Reiki. I was exactly where I was supposed to be and in the class meant for me at the exact right time. Thank you for an excellent and amazing learning experience, Meg. I highly recommend this healing class!!

 - Kathy S.

I took the Reiki classes from Meg. I took them to heal myself. I have learned a lot from Meg. She is a kind and loving person. I will continue to practice Reiki daily. Anyone wishing to learn more about Practical Reiki should not have any doubts about taking her classes. Meg is a wonderful teacher!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Denise C.

Going to Meg's house was a pleasure. I love learning with her. I am a Reiki Master and I also do Raindrop Therapy thanks to Meg. Her home is comfortable and welcoming. I love sharing my healing with others! Thank You Meg!

- Amy L.

I am so happy that I took the Raindrop technique training from Meg. She was so easy to talk with and listen too. Made everything easy to understand. If you want to learn this technique take it from Meg!

-Terry T.

If you want to learn Reiki, by all means do it with Meg. The classes were fun, interesting and I learned a lot from Meg. It's a laid-back setting, you can ask lots of questions and Meg truly wants you to be the best you can be. She's very kind-hearted and always there for you.


                                                                                                                                              -Kelly U. 

If you are interested in learning Reiki, look no further. Practical Reiki was exactly what I was looking for and Meg is an amazing teacher. She has a palpable enthusiasm and positive energy. Her home and Reiki studio are calming and welcoming. I learned so much from Meg and practicing Reiki daily is helping me so much. It is a path I am so glad I took. Thanks a million Meg!

-Nellie C.

Meg is an enthusiastic teacher with a true passion for Reiki. The laid-back environment makes it the ideal classroom setting for asking questions and sharing thoughts. This is more than just another class, it’s the beginning of your healing journey!

-Lisa T.

If you are looking to learn reiki you can’t go wrong with the classes taught by Meg she is patient, kind and very knowledgeable. My experience was amazing not only did I learn the art of reiki and it’s benefits but met some amazing people and will now be able to share this healing Art with others!! I highly recommend Meg !!!

-Mary Kay S.


I had such a positive experience learning reiki from Meg! She welcomes you into her home  with open arms, and you settle into a warm, laid-back environment that is most conducive to learning. You are free to ask any questions, and Meg is very knowledgeable. I especially appreciated her ability to demystify the subject while making us feel confident that we can practice reiki too. She is a wonderful person and someone I'd love to stay in touch with.


                                                                                                                                             Sonja M.

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